Milanofiori Nord is one of the most ambitious projects currently underway in the Milanese area: in an area of ​​360,000 square meters just south of the metropolis, a new district has arisen, with buildings designed by some of the best Italian architecture firms.

Award-winning residences, a commercial park, a multiplex cinema, several office buildings, including the headquarters of Nestlé Italiana, have already been built in recent years.

Within this sector, GBPA Architects, with General Planning, has designed “U3” a new office building that acts as a perfectly integrated completion element of the area. Starting from the characteristics common to the adjacent buildings, an element has been created that binds with its surroundings but which, at the same time, has its own clear identity. U3 is also designed according to the criteria of maximum energy efficiency and is in the phase of LEED Gold certification.

The U3 building, already leased to the Diamante RE company of the BNP Paribas Group, was delivered in these days and it is with great pleasure that we thank Milanofiori Sviluppo srl for the trust placed in us and all those who have contributed with professionalism and dedication.

GBPA Architects – Architectural Design and art direction
Antonio Gioli e Federica De Leva (Founders) Silvia Turati (Project Leader), Antonio Sergi, Chiara Tesoro, Andrea Angonoa, Heidi Corti, Antonio D’Ambrosio, Andrea Fossati, Andrea Santantonio, Jana Stojanovich, Cristina Zambelli

General Planning Srl-Scheme and final design, construction management, HSEM, LEED certification
Ing. Giovanni Bonini, Ing. Paolo Varenna, Ing. Loris Colombo, Arch. Laura Barat,Arch. Simone Proverbio, Ing. Daniele Balbo, Ing. Luca Dagrada, Ing. Massimo Loreti, Ing. Alberto Villa, Ing. Luigi Zinco, Ing. Francesco Calvaruso, Ing. Alessandro Sandrelli, Ing. Antonio Alessi, Geom. Walter Cola, Ing. Andrea Mauri, Geom. Fabio Villa, Arch. Guido Bonini, P.I. Franco Pesci, Ing. Stefano Pizzi, Ing. Vittorio Viganò

SCE Project – Construction design (structures and architecture)

Construction companies:
Nessi & Majocchi SpA e Impresa Percassi SpA (building works),
Bouygues Construction (mep)
Focchi Group (facades)