General Planning on the “front line”: kick off of the “Biological Bank”

Last week Università degli Studi di Milano and Asst Fatebenefratelli Sacco of Milan have officially started the project for the first Covid-19 Biologica Bank, thanks to a donation from BPM Bank. A great opportunity to enhance virus research.

The Biological Bank, that will be built at the Sacco Hospital, will collect and store all biological, blood and tissue samples related to Covid 19 and it will represent a great opportunity for the study and the development of diagnostic and therapeutic strategies, including those of the vaccine type.

General Planning is currently in charge, on behalf of UNIMI, of the complete executive project (architecture, structures and systems) and of the operative management of the intervention for the construction of this new sector, a redevelpement of existing areas already included in the hospital complex to create a completely renovated and dedicated research unit.

It will be built in a space located in the basement of Pavillion 62, in the area of the “Luigi Sacco” Hospital in Milan.

The project, in a area of about 280 sqm, involves the construction of:

– a room dedicated to the acceptance of samples;

– A biobank room, with a net surface of 170 sqm, that can accomodate more than 18 cryo-container over time (in the first phase there are plans to lay a lot of 6 cryo- containers);

– a cold room, dedicated to the samples storage;

– a room for technological systems serving the Biobank.

The project is completed by the creation of a technical area for the nitrogen tank serving the Biological Bank, located outside Hall 26 and easily reachable by the means for its supply.