For over 50 years we have been ensuring client satisfaction by providing a complete consultancy and qualified assistance service

GP is a brand of DBA PRO. S.p.A which offers integrated design, engineering, architecture and consultancy services and operates mainly in the Real Estate, Industrial and Healthcare sectors, with over 50 years of experience.

Using the most advanced tools and consolidated design methodologies (BIM), it provides complete coordinated integral design services for architecture, structures and plants systems, collaborating also with important architectural firms.

Over the years we have developed important projects for Italian and international clients, also dealing with works management, project and construction management, creating buildings of high standards in terms of sustainability, image, functionality and energy saving.

The main objective is always client loyalty through complete consultancy services and qualified assistance, in choosing the best design solutions, acting both as the sole interlocutor responsible for the entire project and as a reliable technical partner. We guarantee the achievement of the objectives set through the integrated and coordinated management of the different project phases and the constant verification of the estimated costs and times.

The main results of this methodology are:

  • buildings of high-quality construction, architecture and plants systems;
  • rapid implementation times;
  • proper investments;
  • buildings designed according to the Customer’s needs (functional, efficient and in line with the company image).


We offer you our support in the valuation of valid investment opportunities from a technical and financial point of view.

Our team of qualified experts with consolidated experience will evaluate different investment strategies offering the best development scenarios and at the same time minimizing risks and costs.

Feasibility studies
.Feasibility studies and estimated investment
.Concept Design + Interventions Esteem
.Space Planning + Layout – Fluxes
.FIT OUT – Smart Working design
.Due Diligence
Valutation – Investment Costs Esteem
.Development strategies – Building Investments.
Value Engineering + Risk Analisys
VVF – Fire Prevention
Research Laboratories
Hospitals – Medical Equipment
Restaurant Building


Our design team, headed by a project manager, coordinating architects, engineers and designers, is able to offer the best support to our clients in all phases concerning the Design Phase, by the step of Concept to the step of Project Management .


We place ourselves as a trustee consultant of the Client, as the only responsible interlocutor, we assume the role of thecnical body for the management e the execution of each phase concerning the construction project.

Our goal is to provide a high quality service using advanced design methods and integrating all the specialized interventions (architecture, structure, systems, services, equipment and production equipment) within a complete design concept which follows international standards.

Integrated and Coordinated Design:
.Architecture and Civil Works – Finishing
.C.a. and Steel structures – Foundations
.Mechanical System – CDZ
.Electrical and Special System
.Fire prevention Systems
.Estimation and Budget Costs
.BIM Design
Infrastructure and Services Design:
.Devices + Equipment
.Fire prevention
.Special furniture
.Specifications and Techical Documents
Civil Works
Specifications and Techical Documents
Devices + Forniture

general planning - servizi


In our experience the key to success of any investment is a controlled management of time, cost and quality. In order to achieve the design objectives set we support our customers with a specific management team and we apply the most effective methods and procedures for the intervention and the coordination of various resources included in a specific working group, providing and adopting the respective corrective actions.

Project Management
.Competitions – Contracts
.Planning Coordination
.Cost Control
.Time Control
.Quality Control
Construction Management
.Specialist work direction
.Art Direction
.AL Cost Control
.Performance tests
.Delivery tests
.Handing Over


In 2023 General Planning Srl was acquired by DBA PRO. S.p.A., operating company of DBA Group, strengthening the offer of engineering and architecture services, creating a highly specialized team in the Real Estate and Industrial markets both nationally and internationally.

General Planning Srl was founded in 1970 as a development and evolution of the Fritz & Batello architectural firm and over the years the Milanese company has developed important projects in Italy and abroad, successfully applying the coordinated integrated planning methodology.